Pro-vert Ltd are The Professional Solar P.V. Panel Cleaning Company based in Wiltshire. We are ideally situated to serve the south west and central England.

We specialise in cleaning solar P.V. panels for the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors of the solar industry.

Pro-vert was established in 2005 and has enjoyed organic growth through responding effectively to customer demands, and maintaining attention to detail on all projects . Our focus is quality service delivery and innovative solutions.

Pro-vert Ltd have a quality health and safety management system, implemented throughout all areas of service delivery, as well as a first class safety record.

Over the last decade we have actively ensured our solar panel cleaning team members are suitably trained and competent to carry out all tasks associated with cleaning in this specialised area.

As a company we continue to invest in people, skills training and the most effective cleaning equipment available for solar panel cleaning.

Pro-vert is currently collaborating with a local design/Engineering company and European specialist brush manufacturers to create bespoke innovative mechanised,, mobile, solar cleaning solutions.

our teams of solar panel cleaners bring those pioneering tools to your solar parks , farms, and roof top arrays We are confident that all pro-vert customers and clients are receiving a cleaning service that brings the best results available.

As the acreage of solar panels expands in the uk more and more solar panel installers and owners are appreciating that cleaning solar PV panels is a vital aspect for delivering on return of investment projections.

Substantial losses in percentage terms are not unusual if no regular cleaning is carried out (home farm case study). Due to this emerging service sector, we are working hard to bring the necessary skill set to our ever increasing client base. We are always striving to bring best practice in terms of quality, efficiency and economy to solar cleaning solution. Our aim is to make these benefits available to all solar O&M managers and companies involved in uk operations.

Home farm case study

In March 2015 we were approached by Dairy Farmer Andrew Ainslie.

Andrews family has farmed near Marlborough in Wiltshire since 1950, currently he operates on 940 acres running 200 milking cows and their followers, and has 550 acres of arable.

20 months ago, Andrew invested in a solar array housed on the roof of the dairy buildings.

Over the preceding months typical vehicle movements around the farm as well as daily winter feeding routines lead to a film of dust settling over the whole array. This problem was compounded by heat generated from housed cattle rising from a top ridge vent which meant that animal generated heat carried dust and debris up out of the shed into the cooler air where it then settled on the panels.

When pro-vert first surveyed the site it was quite clear that due to the organic nature of the film on the panels small spots of alga and mould had created a real bloom across every panel and therefore needed to be removed.

Because the fabric of the roof was fibre cement with fibreglass light panels we had to carefully assess the method of moving around on the roof safely.

The steel structure to roof was sound as was the alloy structure to the arrays ,this gave us a large area to use as anchorage for safety harness lanyards, crawling boards were used as a matter of course to access areas as we cleaned.

As a standard practice according to manufactures guidelines solar panels should never be cleaned with a pressure washer or with detergent, these methods can affect the manufactures warranty, so as is our practice, we used our professional methods.

We found due to the heavily soiled nature of the panels a slight increase in water temperature (within manufactures guidelines) was required to give us the cleaning edge.


The weather during march was predominantly dry and sunny although it did turn wet toward the end of the month, the average temperature was 5.5C with a total of 115 hrs of sunshine, 13% more sunshine than the long term average for march. This all matters, as we want to know what the effect of cleaning brings to the efficiency of light gathering of the whole array.

The weather on the was mixed sunny intervals Before starting the clean the digital reading at the converter panel was 6.94 KW after the clean and still under the same weather conditions it was up at 16.8 KW and finally as the sun tried to burn through the cloud we took a video reading of 35.6 KW.

Watch the home farm case study video to see how amazing efficiency increases are possible.

None the less Mr Aislie acknowledged this is an increase of at least 25% in output over the array.

Over to Mr Ainslie

"Pro-vert recently carried out a thorough cleaning of our solar panels on the roof of the home farm dairy buildings, 20 months after their installation.The work was carried out in a very professional way, paying particular attention to health and safety, each operator wore the correct equipment, and was properly harnessed to the roof during the cleaning operations , they used specialist cleaning apparatus to clean every panel.

Over the period of time a lot of dirt had built up, and the panels efficiency had dropped significantly. Following the clean I noticed a 25% increase in their ability to generate electricity, the clean represents excellent value for money!"

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